Helen V

Helen V by ChrisSinn
Helen V, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

A little bit of art…

This is the very lovely Helen who I was lucky enough to shoot at the now-not-so-new-home-studio. Up until now the only problem with some shoots was that the temperature was too low (sometimes in the the ‘proper’ studios the temperatures have been hovering around zero when shooting in January – not good for the poor models at all!).

The benefits of shooting from the house is that this is no longer the case – but today was quite the opposite – sat on a motorway for an hour or three in the baking sun isn’t too good for anyone’s complexion, so I was a touch concerned when Helen turned up red faced and panting at the door (there may be a wee bit of artistic licence there haha) after having a bit of a horror journey to get to mine.

No worries though as it turned out, as soon as I raised the camera to my eye I knew we were going to get some awesome shots – I don’t know what it is about some people, but the camera does truly love them, and Helen is one of those – stunning!

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Alice I

Alice I by ChrisSinn
Alice I, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

I just love this shot, and so it would seem do the very nice (obviously!) people at Flickr, as it went onto explore almost as soon as I had uploaded it – explore is a selection of I guess ‘the best’ pics submitted that day (I’m not sure this is entirely true, as it uses some kind of funky algorithm to select the pics, but hey ho), and in no time at all it was one of my most highly viewed pics.

I’d still like it if no one else did really, as it’s this sort of shot I just adore – thanks very much to the beautiful Alice La Vie.

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Sara IX

Sara IX by ChrisSinn
Sara IX, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Lessons learnt…

From the time spent with Stefano, I thought it’d be good to use some of his lighting techniques with the very lovely Sara, and see what came out in the mix – I must say I’m very happy, and some of the shots are just lovely. Onwards and upwards….

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The wonderful Ella Rose!

I spend quite a bit of time these days trawling through the internet looking for inspiration, and time after time photographs from one man would make their way into my favourites list – there is just something about his lighting and style that makes me drop my bacon sandwich and inspires me to do better. The man in question is Stefano Brunesci, and his work is just amazing – emotive nudes that just exude style.

I noticed from one of his portfolio websites that he does tuition, so I thought why the hell not, get in touch and go for it.

He’s not cheap, but I decided to book up and the date was set. I didn’t really know what to expect – I knew I was shooting from his house, but was kind of expecting to be in some fancy studio – so was a little surprised to find I was shooting in his kitchen, watched all the while by a three legged cat called Wicket. The afternoon flashed past and was brilliant – he was a great teacher, and showed that you don’t need particularly fancy equipment, or huge hangar sized studios to achieve the excellent results that he gets. It was so interesting seeing how another photographer interacts with the models, and how they get the sort of shots they do – I may have to become more vocal if I want to achieve the results he gets, as he is really quite encouraging with camera in hand.  The model we were shooting was the lovely Ella Rose, and I ended up with cards full of excellent shots, and a head full of ideas.

I just need to go home and put these ideas into action!

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Iris III by ChrisSinn
Iris III, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

The fabulous Iris!

It’s all different from a photography point of view round here, as due to changes in living circumstances chez Sinn is slowly turning from a house into a photographic studio – I’d always had a set of studio lights since deciding that I’d like to get more involved in portrait work, but due to one thing and another, never really used them. This is all about to change…

The past year I’ve been mainly using TipTop Studios in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, and loved every minute, but due to their increasing popularity and changes to my working times, it’s not always easy to get the slot you want, so I thought I’d give the house a try.

The dining room has now been turned into what could be described as a rather cosy studio, but for  most of the type of shots I want to do it’s more than enough – and I’m pretty chuffed with the results! I can shoot when I want, for as long as I want, and if I feel the need for a bacon sandwich halfway through, then the kitchen is not far away!

Iris, above, was the second outing for the studio, and I just love this pic – the shoot was so chilled, we chatted for an hour before the makeup artist arrived, and it was just a really lovely experience.

Why didn’t I think of it sooner!

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Ohla I by ChrisSinn
Ohla I, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

By golly tis cold…

This was a rather strange shoot for me, possibly because of my head still being full of snot (I’d had to cancel the shoot the a couple of weeks before due to some serious Man Flu), and possibly because the studio was really rather cold, even with the heaters going full blast , but for some reason I struggled a bit :(

Halfway through the shoot I was almost going to give up, and I’m not sure why – Ohla was lovely, breathtakingly beautiful and we had a laugh, sharing a pack of Jaffa Cakes and drinking tea to keep warm, but I just felt nothing was working particularly well during the evening.

Fortunately, in the end, I ignored my inner demons and carried on, and ended up with some of my favourite shots so far – result :)

Just goes to show, I know nothing :)

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Carla III by ChrisSinn
Carla III, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Another fab afternoon…

Sometimes things just click and every picture you take turns out to be fabulous, and I’ve just spent two days in a row where it has happened working with some fantastic people.

Monday I was working with SINderella, and the 4 hours just flew, and on the Tuesday it was the turn of Carla Monaco (who’s pic it is above), and it was the same, the time disappeared instantly. We were able to get loads of changes on both days, and ended up with a stack of pictures to be edited, as well as quite a few empty boxes of Jaffa Cakes ;)

This shall keep me busy for a month or two.

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A bit more nekkid…

After the joys of working with Ivory Flame a few months ago, I was inspired to do some more art nude work, so, completely out of character, I took my own advice again and contacted a model whose pictures I’d been inspired by over recent months (in fact, unbeknownst to me, one of my favourite images on Model Mayhem turned out to be her) in order to get what I hoped were some stunning images – a date was set, the studio was booked – I couldn’t wait!

Raphaella, for it was her, did not disappoint  – I didn’t have any fears that she would really, but there is always a possibility that there is no connection between model and photographer (it has happened a few times in the past), but that’s maybe what makes a good model good – anyhoo, she was lovely to work with, and the images we produced were (in my eyes anyway) pretty stunning. She’s a model with a dance background, so was beautiful, poised and elegant – and the only problem I found was the sheer volume of fantastic pics I’ve accrued – what a problem to have! In fact almost 3 weeks later I still have a fair few pics to edit – it does beg the question why I am blathering here!

Quite a few shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks, so very exciting stuff – sleep, work, shoot, edit, sleep is my mantra till Christmas!

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SINderella by ChrisSinn
SINderella, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Nice job for a Sunday…

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it ;)

SINderella Rockafella was at TipTop Towers for a studio day, so it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss to work with someone who I’d seen on facebook and the portfolio sites – her work always looks fab, so I didn’t even think about it, I booked myself in and popped along.

What a day! The pics speak for themselves really – a natural in front of the camera and a joy to work with, we ended up with some pretty good shots, despite being limited to the standard lighting setups available on these sort of studio days. So good I couldn’t wait to work with her again, so I was straight away arranging another shoot with her – coming in December, I can’t wait :)

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Vulcan by ChrisSinn
Vulcan, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Now this is Art!

Not the picture obviously, but the beautiful piece of engineering soaring over Birmingham airport in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the great plane. It was a beautiful sight, which unfortunately only lasted a matter of seconds, but I did manage to grab a few snaps, and it’s probably the first and last time I’ll see one fly – the costs of keeping this beauty airworthy are prohibitive, and if things continue as they are, it’ll run out of funding next year, and that will be that.

It’ll be a terrible shame if it doesn’t fly again :(

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