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Zoe VI

Zoe VI by ChrisSinn
Zoe VI, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Can’t beat a bit of InfraRed!

This is what happens when you use an Infra Red camera with Zoe, the dark haired model of my previous post – pretty spectacular eh? The latex she’s wearing turns really contrasty with her pale skin, the hair goes an amazing blue colour, and the tattoos look incredible – pretty much an awesome shot!


Zoe V

Zoe V by ChrisSinn
Zoe V, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

I’ve been shooting a lot in my little studio without taking advantage of the other opportunities shooting in the house can offer, so I’m determined to shoot more making use of the natural light falling about the house, as it really does result in some pretty awesome pics!

Helen V

Helen V by ChrisSinn
Helen V, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

A little bit of art…

This is the very lovely Helen who I was lucky enough to shoot at the now-not-so-new-home-studio. Up until now the only problem with some shoots was that the temperature was too low (sometimes in the the ‘proper’ studios the temperatures have been hovering around zero when shooting in January – not good for the poor models at all!).

The benefits of shooting from the house is that this is no longer the case – but today was quite the opposite – sat on a motorway for an hour or three in the baking sun isn’t too good for anyone’s complexion, so I was a touch concerned when Helen turned up red faced and panting at the door (there may be a wee bit of artistic licence there haha) after having a bit of a horror journey to get to mine.

No worries though as it turned out, as soon as I raised the camera to my eye I knew we were going to get some awesome shots – I don’t know what it is about some people, but the camera does truly love them, and Helen is one of those – stunning!