Monthly Archives: May 2013

Alice I

Alice I by ChrisSinn
Alice I, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

I just love this shot, and so it would seem do the very nice (obviously!) people at Flickr, as it went onto explore almost as soon as I had uploaded it – explore is a selection of I guess ‘the best’ pics submitted that day (I’m not sure this is entirely true, as it uses some kind of funky algorithm to select the pics, but hey ho), and in no time at all it was one of my most highly viewed pics.

I’d still like it if no one else did really, as it’s this sort of shot I just adore – thanks very much to the beautiful Alice La Vie.

Sara IX

Sara IX by ChrisSinn
Sara IX, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Lessons learnt…

From the time spent with Stefano, I thought it’d be good to use some of his lighting techniques with the very lovely Sara, and see what came out in the mix – I must say I’m very happy, and some of the shots are just lovely. Onwards and upwards….