Monthly Archives: March 2013


The wonderful Ella Rose!

I spend quite a bit of time these days trawling through the internet looking for inspiration, and time after time photographs from one man would make their way into my favourites list – there is just something about his lighting and style that makes me drop my bacon sandwich and inspires me to do better. The man in question is Stefano Brunesci, and his work is just amazing – emotive nudes that just exude style.

I noticed from one of his portfolio websites that he does tuition, so I thought why the hell not, get in touch and go for it.

He’s not cheap, but I decided to book up and the date was set. I didn’t really know what to expect – I knew I was shooting from his house, but was kind of expecting to be in some fancy studio – so was a little surprised to find I was shooting in his kitchen, watched all the while by a three legged cat called Wicket. The afternoon flashed past and was brilliant – he was a great teacher, and showed that you don’t need particularly fancy equipment, or huge hangar sized studios to achieve the excellent results that he gets. It was so interesting seeing how another photographer interacts with the models, and how they get the sort of shots they do – I may have to become more vocal if I want to achieve the results he gets, as he is really quite encouraging with camera in hand.  The model we were shooting was the lovely Ella Rose, and I ended up with cards full of excellent shots, and a head full of ideas.

I just need to go home and put these ideas into action!