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Ohla I by ChrisSinn
Ohla I, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

By golly tis cold…

This was a rather strange shoot for me, possibly because of my head still being full of snot (I’d had to cancel the shoot the a couple of weeks before due to some serious Man Flu), and possibly because the studio was really rather cold, even with the heaters going full blast , but for some reason I struggled a bit :(

Halfway through the shoot I was almost going to give up, and I’m not sure why – Ohla was lovely, breathtakingly beautiful and we had a laugh, sharing a pack of Jaffa Cakes and drinking tea to keep warm, but I just felt nothing was working particularly well during the evening.

Fortunately, in the end, I ignored my inner demons and carried on, and ended up with some of my favourite shots so far – result :)

Just goes to show, I know nothing :)