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Carla III by ChrisSinn
Carla III, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

Another fab afternoon…

Sometimes things just click and every picture you take turns out to be fabulous, and I’ve just spent two days in a row where it has happened working with some fantastic people.

Monday I was working with SINderella, and the 4 hours just flew, and on the Tuesday it was the turn of Carla Monaco (who’s pic it is above), and it was the same, the time disappeared instantly. We were able to get loads of changes on both days, and ended up with a stack of pictures to be edited, as well as quite a few empty boxes of Jaffa Cakes ;)

This shall keep me busy for a month or two.


A bit more nekkid…

After the joys of working with Ivory Flame a few months ago, I was inspired to do some more art nude work, so, completely out of character, I took my own advice again and contacted a model whose pictures I’d been inspired by over recent months (in fact, unbeknownst to me, one of my favourite images on Model Mayhem turned out to be her) in order to get what I hoped were some stunning images – a date was set, the studio was booked – I couldn’t wait!

Raphaella, for it was her, did not disappoint  – I didn’t have any fears that she would really, but there is always a possibility that there is no connection between model and photographer (it has happened a few times in the past), but that’s maybe what makes a good model good – anyhoo, she was lovely to work with, and the images we produced were (in my eyes anyway) pretty stunning. She’s a model with a dance background, so was beautiful, poised and elegant – and the only problem I found was the sheer volume of fantastic pics I’ve accrued – what a problem to have! In fact almost 3 weeks later I still have a fair few pics to edit – it does beg the question why I am blathering here!

Quite a few shoots lined up in the next couple of weeks, so very exciting stuff – sleep, work, shoot, edit, sleep is my mantra till Christmas!