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Leah II by ChrisSinn
Leah II, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

More portraits!

Sorry mum if you were expecting pics of churches ;)

They will be back at some point I’m sure, but you can’t really blame me eh?

This is the lovely Leah, who was helping me out at short notice after a different model flaked (dictionary definition: behaving in a way that is not responsible or expected), who has, in the past, been photographed by David Bailey – so not much pressure to produce some decent shots eh?

I loved this one :)

A Bit of Black and White

Dakota IV by ChrisSinn
Dakota IV, a photo by ChrisSinn on Flickr.

I’m not sure what it is about black and white portrait photography, but I just love it – this style of shot, a bit retro, especially with Dakota’s outfit – I think it just works.

Dakota is another fantastic person to work with, described by some as a pocket rocket (tiny!) every time we shoot we seem to get something special – great fun too!

Ivory Flame

I just love this shot!

This is the beautiful Holly, or Ivory Flame as she is better known. I’ve always wanted  to do art nude work, but previous attempts in the studio have always left me more disappointed than inspired, so I decided to bite the bullet and shoot with someone who I thought I’d get some decent pictures with. Having looked around the various portfolio websites, I had noticed lots of fabulous pictures featuring Holly, porcelain skin and curly red hair, and every one pretty special, so it was a no brainer for me to contact her and sort out a shoot.

I was not disappointed!

It was just such a lovely shooting experience – she looks wonderful, and is so very graceful, but much more than that is the way we were able to work together to get the desired photos – we’d take a few frames and then both study the back of the camera and discuss what ways we could improve the image, a change of position here, a movement of light there, re-shoot and review.

All in all, a great afternoon in the studio when I should have been in work – what better way to spend a days holiday?  A great learning experience for me, an afternoon spent with Holly who was lovely, and the realisation that to get the best images sometimes you need more than someone who is just pretty.

This particular shot is taken with my InfraRed camera, which gives the (slightly strange) blue tone to the overall shot, but also emphasises the feather collar – I like it! A colour version of this shot can be seen here.